International intervention
Global Dalit Rights Advocacy has emerged to offer an additional battlefield to the fight against caste discrimination, which is one of the biggest human rights violations facing the international community today. We seek to provide a global voice for Dalits, working for the adoption and implementation of International Covenants that protect and benefit all Dalit children, women and men.
Caste discrimination and the human rights violations that inevitably follow can only be avoided if decision makers at all levels decide to take action. We aim at eliminating caste discrimination by playing an active role in international platform.
NCDHR – IA promotes the international recognition of Dalits Human Rights, and is engaged in the understanding of the fundamental principles of non discrimination and inclusion. 
  • to raise awareness and engages with mechanisms of governance at international level in order to create pressure from the outside, and to gain legitimacy of being in conformity with UN and International covenants, and holding the Government accountable for that;
  • undertakes advocacy internationally, with international and regional institutions. By bringing Dalits’ stories and experiences to the attention of the public and decision-makers worldwide, it aims at bringing about positive change to policies and practices in respect and implementation of Dalit rights; 
  • reveals to the world the real situation by breaking the ‘silence’ and mirror the heinous crimes being perpetrated by the state and civil society through caste and descent based discrimination, and by disavow  the cultural stranglehold blocking realisation of Dalit Rights;
  • Mobilise global democratic forces in support of Dalit demands to deepen Dalit rights and entitlements, creating spaces for the emergence of mechanisms to deal with other issues of Dalit rights.


A key focus area in NCDHR – IA work is the promotion and protection of Dalit human rights through the United Nations human rights framework.
The UN advocacy includes: 
- making oral and written statements to charter-based bodies such as the Human Rights Council, and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD);
- participating in UN review of compliance with human rights treaties through shadow reporting;
- providing informations to the Special Rapporteurs who visit India, and to the HRC during India UPR;
- submission of and supports of joint NGO statements and reports to several UN human rights bodies.
The European fora is gaining importance, also since the UK started dealing directly with caste discrimination in its internal legislation.
NCDHR – IA works to make the EU develop policies and include caste concerns in policy making, in bilateral relations, and at all level of operations.
In collaboration with other campaigns, social movements & international civil society organizations, NCDHR - AI works to internationalise Dalit Rights, to gain visibility, to sensitise  and challenge  international institutions and the global civil society to address the civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights of Dalits:
- in doing so, it supports several Dalit solidarity bodies initiated in over six countries (UK, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, and US) to advocate for Dalit rights in UN as well as in the EU.
- since 2000 the NCDHR - IA intensify the collaboration with International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN), and in particolar with its international Secretariat in Copenhagen;
- link up the Dalit Rights work with International Human Rights Organisations
- link up the Dalit Rights work with regional organisations in the Asian region, carring out network strengthening, struggling to motivate and build solidarity.
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